Day two!

Ok so I came back!  Still not sure of what I am doing but I’m not giving up just yet!  After all I am a fighter!  I have survived much worse than this!  And so many others have a much tougher time!  I am strong!  I am resilient!  I can do this!

It’s not going to be easy but then nothing worth fighting for ever is!

So when you go out into the world today don’t listen to the negative comments because those who put you down only do it to feel better about themselves!  Remember that it is more beneficial for them that you do feel bad – it makes them powerful!  It puts them in control!

And no one has the right to control you!  So today you have permission to stand up for yourself and be in control of your life and your choices!  And yes you do have a choice!

But most of all remember that you still have so much to give!  You may never see the effect of every smile you give or every kind word you say to someone but it could be what stops them giving up!

So hold your head up high and live your life your way!

And that’s what I tell myself every morning…….

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