My guitar won’t work!!

guitarWhat is the matter with this guitar??  Why won’t she work??  She has been tuned by the musical hands of a sound obsessed child who is sitting, grimacing in the corner, begging and pleading for her to offer up the sounds we both know that she holds deep within!

And yet when picked up and cradled in arms and caressed with love, still she won’t give up her secrets!  Still she refuses to sing the notes that would tell the sad lament of the story of her life, her past and her hopes and dreams.

So what is wrong with her?  If only she would speak.  If only she would tell.  Maybe she is broken?  Maybe she can not be fixed?  Maybe it is not worth it?

So lets put her to one side!  What is the point of her?  Why does she not want to sing her song?  Lets get another!  Lets find a finer version, a new design, one who can offer the most beautiful of sound and will sing freely to show the world her worth, one who will not need the patience and love to bring forth the sounds deep inside her heart.

Yet maybe she was the new version!  Maybe her song was too sweet a temptation? Maybe she was the prize?  Maybe she was the goal?  Maybe the maintenance and the cost too high?  Or maybe in a world where material wants outweigh material needs, maybe she was no longer a desire.

But a true musician will know the worth, will know that with trust and in time the notes that pour out will be the memories of the struggle and the love that can only come through time of a heart and a soul spent together.

And so tomorrow??  Tomorrow I try again….

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