When you listen, do you hear??

sunsetWhen my children were little, I would take them to the beach to watch the sunset.  We would pick an isolated place far from anyone and sit in a row.  The chatter and the laughter would fill the darkening air.  Excitement in anticipation of what was to come.  It would touch my soul and the memories would imprint on my heart for ever.

As the silence enveloped us, their eyes wide with wonder, we would hold hands and precious moments together, watching the glowing ball of embers hit the horizon in a burst of energy so powerful it would make them gasp.

For I told them, as I had always told them, that if they listened and listened very carefully they would hear the sound, the sizzle, as the cold grey of the sea extinguished the burning fire of our brightest star.

And they would hear!

Because when you listen with your heart you can hear!

So when you listen, do you hear??

Are you so busy with life that you are missing the truth?  Have you ever said ‘I should have known’?  Has your teenager screamed at you ‘you don’t understand’?  Have you ever said ‘I didn’t know’?  Have you ever ‘missed the signs’?

Because the guilt is knowing that when you listened, you did not hear!

The guilt is knowing that you did hear but you did not listen!

And so tomorrow??  Tomorrow listen, listen with your heart and with your eyes and you will hear….

3 responses to “When you listen, do you hear??

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. Life can be so very busy that we forget to listen and it is the most precious of gifts you can give another

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