Today was yesterday…..

So today came!  The day I was afraid of!  The day that filled me with fear!  The day that would be the milestone!  The day when the memories of yesterday would fill my mind, my soul and rip my heart out once more!

Today would be my dark day!  Today would be when my fear would attach itself to me like a black shadow, a demon that would devour the very strength of life from me!

Today my light would go out.  Today it would not be death that would scare me but life itself.

Today I would be reminded of what I had, of what I lost and of what was taken.  Today being alone would be the answer.  Today my tears would flow. Today the pain would rip through my body and I would lay curled up with the agony of the grief that life can be so cruel.  No! That people can be so cruel!

Today I would be a nothing!

Today I would not see a tomorrow. Today I would not care about tomorrow.  Today even the dark would not be a comfort.

And so today came…… and then I remembered…… and then I smiled……. and then I knew……

that today was yesterday and that today…..

Today??  Today is the day to bury yesterday!  Yesterday is gone, is over, will never come back.  Yesterday can never be lived again.  Yesterday was a moment in time, a breath of life.

But then, today should be cherished and every moment lived and loved.  Because our todays will become our yesterdays and our yesterdays become our memories.  So live and love life always and your always will make you smile when the rest of your today is tough.

And tomorrow??  Tomorrow I will do what I do best and laugh about life ….. and then I will go shopping!!

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