remembrance dayToday we stood in the chilly autumn sunshine with the hue of remnants of summer turning golden to red to amber against a sky of cornflower blue and we stood remembering……

Today was Remembrance Day.

Today we wore our poppies with pride.  Today, we shed a tear for the lost.  Today we became one, united in our traditions and values.  Today stood the uniforms of khaki, navy and blue grey.  Today the young stood with the old.  Today wreaths of red were laid against the cold of the white ash grey stone engraved with the words ‘The Glorious Dead’. Today we became part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

Today we were not alone.

Today what happened was forgotten while we remembered.

We remembered that life is a moment in time!

And as we waited in the silence, as the bugle called out the Last Post, we remembered how precious this life is that we have been given.

This life that is a gift.  A gift that lasts such a short breath, a moment in time to be lived, to be loved, to be cherished.  And so people remember and when they remember they forget!

Because for a moment the distraction is from the inside.

Because maybe we need to look outside of ourselves.  Because maybe then we will hear.  Maybe then we will see.  And maybe we will remember that a kind word never hurts.  And maybe that act of kindness today will be remembered tomorrow.

So today I soaked up the kindness and stored it away in my heart.

And today??  Today my heart smiled……

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