How a single smile grows….

“A smile is something you can’t give away; it always comes back to you”  (unknown author)

Today I have the biggest, stupidest smile on my face!  Today I can’t stop smiling!  Today I know that this childish grin has been infectious!  My excitement contagious!

Oh yes I heard the negativity.  I heard the comments.  The shaking of the head because of my immaturity!  And do I care??  Not at all because I am as happy as happy can be.

And why??  Because a single smile shared, gave me a gift.  Not just any gift.  But a random gift.  A gift of happiness.

For today I am smiling because that random gift, that gift of happiness means I can watch that single smile grow.

And that gift??  Kermit the Frog Backpacks!  Eighty of them!  Yes I know – a material gift!  But for some a gift that would never normally be theirs.

And so today I am smiling because tomorrow I will start to help eighty children smile!  And the smiles of those eighty children will grow and will spread as others will join in their happiness and they too will smile.

So today I have the biggest, most stupidest smile on my face and my heart is singing because a single smile can grow and reach out to the world.  A single smile will always come back to you.

And for me??  I wanted to conquer the world one step and one smile at a time – my  wish, my journey has begun…..

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