If you could leave it all behind, would you??

leave it behindIf you were offered the chance, the opportunity to leave your past behind you, to move away, to start again – would you??

A whole new life!  A whole new identity!  A whole new start!

No one would know you.  Your past erased.  A chance to re-invent yourself.  To become someone else.  To begin again!

A whole new you!

Who would you be?  Who would you become?  Which parts of you would you keep?  Who would you have been before?  What would your history look like now that you are looking back with new eyes?

How long could you wear the mask?  How long could you keep up the act?

How long before the real you started to show through?  How long before the issues that you left behind caught up with you?  How long before your history paid you a visit?

Could you ever become a new you?

Would you being true to who you are?

What though, if you never really knew who you were?  What if you had lived in the dark for so long that you only ever saw glimpses of the real you?

Could you become someone new?

Or would you become who you was always meant to be?

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