Describe yourself in one word!

describe one wordDescribe yourself in one word??

I asked the young people I work with…… your Mad Miss!

And I asked my work buddies….. totally Mad!

Then I asked my friends……. Mad!

So I asked my kids…… that’s easy mum you are Mad!

It seems I must be Mad! I laughed too at other words used to describe me – rebellious, quirky, opinionated, unique, strong!

But in asking the question I became a person with a personality and character not that person with a category!

The categories are endless but decide where and how we fit into society – married, single, male, female, educated, parent, unemployed, working class, employed, professional, black, white, student, teenager. How worthy we are!

What if we don’t fit into ‘normal’ society? What then?

Then we become a danger, a threat! And that threat needs to be minimised, eradicated, pushed aside and excluded so that it no longer poses a risk to what is considered normal life.

So here’s me – single, middle-aged, divorced, blonde, female! What is the first image that appears in your mind? What are your first thoughts?

What are your second thoughts? Guilt over your first thoughts? Were your first thoughts stereotypical?

Single, blonde, divorced, middle-aged female!

So does that image equal a threat or does it equal an opportunity?

A threat to women because there is no partner! Because women cannot live alone! Because single women will attempt to take any man from another woman! But an opportunity to redirect all of those bad feelings inside, all of those fears onto the woman who becomes the threat.

A threat to men because she will lead your wife astray! But an opportunity because here is a woman who could possibly be available for some fun!

And so the women will meet to discuss and decide how best to exclude the threat and then warn the men that it is imminent and needs to be avoided at all costs. The men will meet to discuss the risk involved with the threat. The women will find out that the threat is being discussed and the threat will become the danger!

Maybe you focused on blonde? And thought bimbo? Dumb? Stupid?

Maybe you focused on single, middle-aged female and felt pity? What has she left to offer?

But look deeper, look beneath the surface.

Because here’s me! Bit wild! Bit rebellious! Bit mad! Say what I think! Can’t conform, no matter how hard I try! Will fight for what I believe in!

What do I believe in?? The chance to live and love life always!

So never judge a book by its cover or listen to other people’s judgements, because until you have spent time beneath the guard that protects the story, until you have spent time getting to know the novel, you will never be able to form your own opinions?

My challenge to you? Look at the categories you use, the labels you apply and then look again at the person and see the uniqueness, the beauty of that individual.

And then ask yourself the question – how would you describe yourself in one word??

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