Let’s begin again…

journeysmall‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’  Lao-tzu

Yesterday?  Yesterday was a moment for reflection.  A moment that taught me so much about myself.  A moment that questioned where I am in this gift called life, this new journey I began.  But I have been standing still, too afraid to take a single step.  Too many excuses and justifications as to why I am here, why I cannot step forward.

Yes it has been hard, it has been difficult, it has been tough!  And it is so much easier to stay right where I am.  Actually it is great, right where I am, right here, right now!

And tomorrow?  Tomorrow I will still be here, right here, right where I was yesterday!  And the day after?  And the day after that?  And next week?  And next year?  Life will move on but I will still be here, right here.  Life is not going to come to me, I need to go out and grasp life before it slips away.  Before I become a distant memory.  Before I am forgotten.  Before I forget how to live.

Because what happened to My life! My Way?  My dream of conquering the world one step at a time?  One smile at a time?  And how can I ever hope to inspire the young people I work with when I cannot do anything to inspire myself?  How can I encourage young people to take steps into the unknown when I myself are unable to?

And so today?  Today I woke up and thought – let’s begin again.

And tomorrow?  Tomorrow I will smile and tell the story of the steps I took today…….


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