The steps of yesterday….

steps of yesterdayYesterday?  Yesterday I said I would smile and tell the story of the steps I made today.

Yesterday I knew I was stalling, making excuses as to why I was not moving forward, why I was staying right where I was.  Yesterday was the same as the day before and the day before that.  Yesterday was the same as last week, the same as last month.

That thought scared me more than what had caused me to stay where I was!  It scared me to think each and every day of my life, I was allowing the past to destroy my future.  It scared me to think I was letting life slip away.

And so yesterday I made a plan!

And today I put that plan into action!

My plan?  My plan was to do something for myself.  Something that will challenge me.  Something that will make me think.  Something that will stop me from staying here, right where I am, right now!

But also my plan needed to involve doing something for someone else.  And so I went backwards so that I could go forwards!  Backwards to a past where I was strong, independent and inspired. A past where it wasn’t about me.  A past where it wasn’t about my fear.  A past almost forgotten.  A past where my passion was to inspire others and to give them the skills, confidence and self esteem to enable them to believe in themselves.

And so began.

My plan?  My plan to finally start my research and use it to redevelop a project aimed at raising the aspirations of teenage girls.  And why now?  Because I was inspired into action and reminded of my passion.  (Many thanks to the Shift Project)

So for the first time in over a year, I am finally redirecting all of that inward thinking, all of that pain and damage, all of the anger and frustration towards something positive.

I no longer have any excuses for staying in the shadows!


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