That Christmas time again!!!

christmasChristmas!  And here we go yet again with the ‘how to be a good wife and mother’.

Have you ordered the turkey?  Have you iced the homemade cake, the one that you made months ago so that you could douse it with brandy every two weeks?  Have you made the mince pies?  And what about that beautiful gingerbread house that you spent so long decorating?

Have you bought all of the presents?  Oh and of course wrapped them?  Does your home look like winter wonderland?  And don’t forget the tree must be real and at least six foot tall?  And then there are the drinks to arrange, the Christmas party and the cards to write.

Because everyone knows that all of this is imperative to being the best ever wife and mother!

And do I fit in??  Not a chance!!

I can’t cook!  And the very idea of me attempting a Christmas dinner throws everyone into a state of panic!  Mince pies, cake?  I wouldn’t have a clue where to start even with a cookery book.  I have an artificial tree which sits on a table!  I always forget the cards!  And the presents??  No I still haven’t started!  So no, they are not wrapped and under the tree!

Oh and I’m single!

But let’s be a little bit honest here!  Does it really matter?  Is this what Christmas is really about?   Or is it an excuse for competition?  To prove your worth?  So that you fit in?  Let’s be really honest – hubby is pleased because he can put his feet up and have a beer without being moaned at!  The kids are happy because they are kids!

And my home?  It will be chaos!  Everyone in the kitchen trying to make a meal!  Everyone talking at the same time!  Everyone debating on where everyone is going to sit!  Disney films in the afternoon!  They may be grown up now but Disney still quietens them!  The evening with laughter and wine, then out comes the guitar and the singing starts – apologies to the neighbours!

Everyone is welcome! Everyone is invited!  And the memories are made!

Who looks back and ever remembers the tree, the cake, the dinner?  And yes even the presents are forgotten?  But what about the warmth, the love and the laughter.  We remember the family times and family to us?  Anyone we know who happens to be alone and needs to belong.

So this Christmas??  This Christmas I will laugh, smile and have fun, because I know that it’s not the material possessions that matter or the time spent in preparation, it is the love, the warmth and the heart that you take with you.

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