Day 5 and counting down…..

The Mayan Calender!  The Apocalypse!  Day 5 and counting down……. well I am going to make the most of it!!

I am going to laugh, smile and have fun and ….. write letters for all of the people who have shaped and influenced this life of mine.  So Day 5…..

To the Ex

Hi both

Running out of time so thought I’d copy you both in (to tell the truth I really couldn’t be bothered to spend any more of my precious time on either of you so thought I’d kill two birds with one stone).

So here we are at the end and it wouldn’t have felt right not saying goodbye (not that we said goodbye last time, well at least it wasn’t quite how I imagined our parting would be).

Anyway just want to say thank you for letting me go and giving me the opportunity to find out what it is to live.  Shame about the need to try to destroy me in the process, but water under the bridge and all that!  I do understand now, sad what shame and guilt can do to someone, especially when there is a need to protect yourself!

We did have some times, didn’t we?  And yes I am smiling!  I hope you found it funny too? Although to tell the truth when I posted your messages on the internet I didn’t realise they would go viral!  (haha not really!Just thought you might like my stupid joke!).

Oh and talking of stupid (you were always fond of that term of endearment for me), I have found out that actually I can think for myself!  It is funny though, when I hear that single word, it brings back a thousand memories and it can feel like I have been slammed into a brick wall!  Haha another joke, bit like the walking into the door!

Oh well time moves on and guess what??  You will be pleased to know that I am finally living and loving my life.  Have to admit that I am a better person without you than what I was when I was with you.

And about that Karma thing – I have thought about it and wonder if mine is that I am single, free and happy and yours is knowing that!

So babe (like it???) wishing you all the best and you know what? That’s it!  I have absolutely nothing left to say to you.

Yours (well not really as the chains that bind have now been broken)

Ali x  (yep I have a name too lol)


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