Day 4……

day 4Day 4 and still counting down.  So today this letter is to you, the young people I work with:

Hey all

What can I say?  Wow!  Everyday life with you is different!  I never know what to expect!  I have heard it all and absolutely nothing fazes me anymore.  Life is a whirlwind, loud and fast and sometimes I think I am getting too old for it.

But you inspire me – your honesty, your cheek, your jokes and the way you see the world.   To tell the truth I do not think I would be happy doing anything else.  Nothing else would make me get out of bed, even on my dark days, to turn up and do what I can to help you.  One of the best feelings is when I hear from you when you are all grown up and you tell me how well you are doing or how you are aiming towards your dreams.

My job is to inspire you, to help you learn to believe in yourself, to encourage you, to help you find your passion and to overcome any barriers that are stopping you from achieving your potential.  But I couldn’t do that without you.  You teach me so much and I know that even when life is the most difficult, the most heartbreaking, the most painful you still have time to laugh.

I always tell you the same – I am not the answer, that is inside of you.  It’s my job to help you find it and when you do you will no longer need me.

My time is to just listen because sometimes the world is so busy you can often feel forgotten.  If you feel forgotten it can be like a plant given no water or kept in the dark.  You see, you are like seedlings reared from a variety of seeds and, with care, I know that you will become who you were meant to be.  And you will grow, some of you beautiful flowers, some oak trees, some will always be cacti and some will always be fragile.  A few of you I will shed tears over, especially when your potential is taken from you, but I will never forget you.

So to all of the young people I have had the honour of working with, over the 10 years I have been doing my job, thank you.  I may never climb a mountain or skydive but you have been my challenge and my inspiration.  It has been an absolute privilege.


Alison (and yes you can call me by my first name and not Miss lol)

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