Day 3…..

day 3To my friends – my reasons,  seasons and  lifetimes

Let’s be totally honest – we fight, we bicker like children, we gossip, we laugh.  We’ve shared tears, weddings, falling in love, break ups and  first days at school.  We’ve got drunk together, made our confessions to each other, challenged and been there for each other.  We sense when something is wrong and call when everything is fine.  We accept each other and love each other, want the best for each other, yet sometimes don’t want to see each other.  And why?  Because no one has ever even said that we have to like each other.

And for me?  You are the ones who stayed with me when everyone else left.  Were there in my darkest of days.  The ones who didn’t judge me.  The ones who put up with my crazy ways and my mad moments.  The ones who love me for who I am.

And you are so few.

One day, I know, we will come to the crossroads of our journey and we will go our separate ways, because you are my seasons as well as my reasons.

And the reasons?  To teach me what it means to be a friend and to have a friend.   Sometimes you will be the reason in my life and sometimes I will be the reason in yours.  Sometimes you will be there for the briefest of moments but the connection will be made and a smile will be left on our hearts.

For a time I will grieve when you are gone but I will smile and remember the fun and the laughter.  And I know that it won’t be long before a new reason comes into my life.

Some of you will become my lifetimes and those are the most special of friends.  We may not see each other for months or even years, but time will melt away in the matter of moments and we will be back where we were once more.

You are the chosen brothers and sisters of my heart and soul and time, life and wrinkles cannot erase that kindred spirit.

So to you my friends both past and present – so long until the next life.

My love and hugs

Ali xx

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