Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed “What’s an Eulogy???”

264351_176774119050133_1379604_n“What’s an Eulogy???”

I can almost hear Ali bursting into the room and asking that very question, although she would probably also have trouble pronouncing it and would make everyone laugh as she tried to explain what she meant!

“What? Why? Where? When? How?”  Always her favourite start to any sentence.  Always questioning, always searching, always wanting to know more, always challenging assumptions and always driving everyone mad.

So how would Ali like to be remembered?  Just how she was – a little bit mad, a little bit rebellious, a little bit of a drama queen, strong, independent and resilient.  Passionate, opinionated, would fight for what she believed in and was not afraid to speak out if she thought something was wrong!

Life meant so much to Ali even though it had not been kind to her.  Her darkest days she would use as a source for her creativity, desperately seeking escape in writing and photography, to stop the destructive force that was her vulnerability.

Ali was always scared that she would miss something and sometimes it felt as though she entered the room like a whirlwind, spinning around and confusing people with her rush of emotions.

Underneath all of this was a heart full of love, especially for her children, whom she loved with all she was and desperately didn’t want to leave them.  And a heart, full of fire and passion, which she used to inspire the young people she worked with, to be all they could be.  And this is where she felt safe.

Her motto in life?  “To thine own self be true” by Shakespeare,.  Her need to not have to wear a mask, to cover up who she was, tattooed to remain a constant reminder to both herself and others that being true meant not living a lie!

So what would Ali miss most about life?  Life itself!

But by now she would have been totally distracted, probably slightly bored and would be asking “what’s next?”


She would be have been so disappointed to have missed the party to mark her departure from this world.  However, true to fashion, Ali arranged everything beforehand so that she would go out in style.  And yes she was wearing those shoes she bought to do the ironing in!  And yes the song of choice was the one song she always asked to be played:  “Don’t you forget about me” by Simple Minds.

Ali would not want tears, because she cried enough of those, but would want to be remembered with a smile and the blaze of colours that she requested be worn on this day.  Not traditional black as that was her signature colour and one which hid a thousand sorrows.  The colours represent life, love and the amazing memories imprinted on her heart.

And her final words to you would probably be “Cherish every moment and live and love life always.  Now let’s partyyyyyy!!!!!!”

Inspired by: Daily Prompt: Dearly Departed

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