Swop heels for walking boots? Never!

As if I would swop heels and handbag for walking boots and rucksack!!

As if I, yes I, someone who drives round the corner to work, would decide to walk 100k (that’s 62 miles!) from London to Brighton to raise money for charity!!

As if someone like I, a bit of a drama queen with a passion for fashion and who will not leave the house without full make up, hair and nails done, would volunteer to do something which involved being outside for a prolonged period of time!!

As if I, someone who has had 4 Personal Trainers in the last 3 years who have all given up on me, would attempt to begin a fitness plan!!

As if I, someone who was advised by the gym that the safest option was for me to just use the sauna, would consider ever going back!!

As if I, would ignore the laughter and the amusement of friends and family and….. oh wait, what happened to my rebellious side??

So yes today I rebelled!!

Today I signed up for something that is going to possibly be one of the craziest and biggest challenges of my life!!

And why??

  • Because I was told it couldn’t be done!!
  • Because I need a goal!!
  • Because I need a challenge!!
  • And because I can!!

So 25th and 26th May 2013, I will be walking 100k (that’s 62 miles!) for the London 2 Brighton Challenge to raise money for Help for Heroes.

And so tomorrow the 15 weeks training begins….  and looking at the plan, I had to laugh when, I realised that Monday is a rest day!!

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