“Kids spell love T-I-M-E” (John Crudele)

“What a child doesn’t receive he can seldom later give”  P.D. James

Time!  Do you have time?  Time for your children?  Time for your teenager?

Everyday, in my work with young people, I hear the same sad statement “my parents are too busy for me!”  Everyday I hear the same sadder statement “if I tried to talk to them they wouldn’t listen, so I don’t!”

But one of the even sadder things I hear is “they think I need someone to talk to!”

Yes dear parents, you are so right, they do need someone to talk to – YOU!

We are all guilty!

None of us are perfect and none of us alone!

I am a parent, I am a single parent and I have made mistakes, many mistakes.  So many times I was too busy, so many times everything else was more important.  But it wasn’t!  And I learnt!  I learnt because I listened!

Our children crave quality time.  A fraction of our day.  They have so much to say.   And if the ironing is more important or the ferrying to dance, art class, football – ask yourself why?   Because if you can not stop for one moment and listen, you may look back with regret.

Everyday I hear stories from young people about their lives,  sometimes the stories are heartbreaking – self harm, risky behaviour, low self esteem, lack of confidence, a need to be heard, to be accepted, to feel wanted – the list never ending.  My job?  To support, to inspire, to improve their confidence and raise their aspirations.

But I also hear the stories of their sunshine, their fun, what makes them laugh, what makes them smile, their hopes and their dreams for the future and I am always in awe of the privileged position I am in – please don’t miss your chance to learn.

Recently an ex-student said to me “Miss, you listened to me and showed me how to believe in myself, I will never forget that – thank you”  I nearly burst with pride but then the sadness always hits hard when you hear a comment like that, for it should have been said to a parent.

Our children are young for such a short time, a breath, a moment and we need to keep close those that we love, for none of us know what tomorrow will bring.

Inspired by:  Are our kids just another thing we multitask?

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