Sitting in the cockpit of the Eurofighter!!!!

On_The_Eurofighter_56425Daily Prompt: Whoa!  What’s the most surreal experience you’ve ever had?

The Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) 2000, held at RAF Cottesmore, was a time which to me means so much yet at the same time such a surreal moment and one which will last a lifetime.

My son and I were both given the chance to sit in the prototype cockpit of the Eurofighter Typhoon.  A moment in history, a chance never to be relived, a moment to smile and look back and think – Top Gun!!!

And yep I know – different planes but hey they still go pretty fast and nothing can ever beat the thrill and excitement of hearing jet noise long after it has disappeared from view, especially when you can add that you’ve sat in the cockpit of the Eurofighter!!!!

My son went on to study Avionics and Aerodynamics before joining the RAF.  The very surreal moment inspired him to the career he has now taken up.

And me?  I just tell everyone about it….

Check out:  Eurofighter

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13 responses to “Sitting in the cockpit of the Eurofighter!!!!

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  5. I don’t remember my very first air show, or the first time I got to sit in a fighter jet or stand on a tank or something like that. Where I grew up I had two air bases nearby that held yearly shows so I started going to them very young. However, I do remember the last time I got to the SR-71 Blackbird on the ground and in the sky. Walked out on to the blacktop and they had the bird positioned so it was the first thing you saw – shiny, black, enermous: a bird of prey. It was magnficent. A little while later they fueled and launched it into the sky. A few minutes after that the ground and windows shook, once, twice, three times, and the blackbird broke the sound barrier 80,000 feet over our heads.

    • I too grew up in an area that hosted many USAF and RAF bases, maybe that’s where I got my love of planes from. I remember seeing the Stealth and that was amazing but my favourites are still the old WW2 planes, just that old sound they make and how it makes you dream a little 🙂

      • Nothing quite like the roar of an engine from a P52 or a Spitfire. I’ll give you that. At the same time, there’s also nothing like having a shadow pass over you and looking up to see the B2 Bomber gliding a 100 feet over your head only making a whisper of sound.

      • You ever get the chance, go to Duxford Imperial War Museum -they have an amazing collection. And visit the hanger where volunteers refurbish old planes. It’s filthy, the air thick with metal filings, dust, the stench of turpentine and the hum of sanders, old men with dirty overalls drinking tea from chipped mugs listening to old songs and talking of times long past – I love it!

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