Stop to take a breath???


Four weeks ago I traded in heels and handbag for walking boots and rucksack and walked 80.2km in 26 hours for charity – my first ever challenge!   The following morning I woke up, my legs wouldn’t work and it was like I had to learn to walk all over again – slightly apt seeing as the charity I walked for was Help for Heroes!

Anyway, there I was, exhausted, aching and unable to walk so what do I do?

What would most people do in this situation?

Sign up to run a half marathon?  Sign up to do the London2Brighton Challenge 2014?

I guess I’m not most people because that’s exactly what I did!

And why?

The answer is simple:


Freedom to choose!  Choose my path!  Choose my life!

Freedom to live my life, my way!

A free spirit!

So this mad, mad person, who less than a year ago, was an emotional wreck who no longer trusted her instincts or believed in herself, who struggled to leave the house, who had forgotten what is was to smile, who lived her life in the dark, who dared to push herself to make the first step out of the door to find a whole new world waiting for her.

And now?  And now there is no turning back.

There is no time to stop to take a breath.

This spirit can breath whilst she dances, whilst she runs, whilst she laughs and whilst she lives.

The past is a distant memory that occasionally whispers its darkness, pulling me into it’s void where I once found comfort, where I was safe, safe from a world where pain was my promise and pain was my life.

But now I am free, set free from the ties that bound me, now my spirit is free.

And so tomorrow?  Tomorrow I live again… a free spirit.


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