He’s coming home….

SAMSUNG CSCHe’s coming home…. my son is coming home 🙂

We’re counting down….. ten days!

We’re getting excited!

We’re planning the home coming!

Because my son is coming home!

The last four months have been so very emotional but finally my son is coming home.  Four months ago my son boarded a plan which took him away from his wife and family for four months whilst he served his country on distant shores.

We are a very close family, bonded together through drama, disaster, laughter and love.  This is the first time we have ever been apart for more than two weeks and it has been so very hard.

I did not get to see my son on his birthday for the first time in twenty six years and it hurt.  Weekends, family events all spent without my son.

But then I remind myself that we may argue, moan, feel sorry for ourselves, have our low times and our tears but we do have the comfort of family and home every single day.  My son is far away.  He cannot go home to his wife, his bed, his family at the end of his day.  He cannot pick up the phone to call home to sound off or just to hear a familiar voice.

And this I remind myself of every single day.

Letters became our communication and waiting for that blue envelope to slip through the letterbox is so very hard.  But the excitement when one arrived.  The rituals that come with it – the mug of tea, the quiet space, the discussions on what he will tell us and then the careful opening of the thin paper bluey.  Then the silence as each word is read through the tears of wishing he was home.  The importance held in that letter and the letters sent from home that have kept him going.

But now???? Now my son is coming home…..

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