My Life! My Way! This is me!

Bit wild! Bit rebellious! Bit mad! Say what I think! Can’t conform, no matter how hard I try! Always in trouble because of who I am!  Will fight for what I believe in!

What do I believe in?? The chance to live and love life always!

My life up to now??? Two thirds spent either in or recovering from three serious relationships with two men (yep work that one out!).  But now I can say that I am free from the chains that bind, am finally finding me and am driving everyone insane in the process!

What have I learnt?? That to be true to yourself takes courage!  To never judge a book by its cover but to form your own opinions and to always, always trust your instincts even when those around you say that you are wrong!

I have learnt that you can not escape the past. It is always there ready to creep up unannounced, to find its way into every moment and every word I write.  But I know that I cannot let my past define my future and I can no longer live in the darkness created by fear.

So why this blog?? Because now I wake every morning knowing that I have no one to tell me what to think or how to think and that I can choose my path!

This is a life forwards, as is a life backwards. Together they become My Life! My Way!

And here starts my journey……..


4 responses to “My Life! My Way! This is me!

  1. You are so right Ali. The past is always trying to nudge it’s way into our present. But as long as we keep looking forward, taking the lessons from our past with us, leaving the rest behind…I hope we’ll be fine 🙂

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